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My name is MT2 to get v162 billion rune metamorphosis

An action card mobile game based on the magic world
My name is MT2 for v162 billion Runestones

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是一款以魔幻世界为题材的动作类卡牌手游,完整的角色成长计划,超多萌宠小精灵提供玩家体验,合理的装备搭配道具等你体验,超多萌宠小精灵提供玩家体验,超多副本挖矿提供玩家体验,真实的3d视角给你不用的体验。 My name is MT2 to send v162 billion rune metamorphosis version is an action card mobile game with the theme of the magic world, a complete character growth plan, a lot of cute pet elf to provide player experience, reasonable equipment and props waiting for you to experience , Super many cute pet elf provides player experience, ultra-multi-copy mining provides player experience, the real 3d perspective gives you the experience you don't need. Come and enjoy the game download experience if you like it!

Game Features

1. One hundred transforms, I love beautiful

So many good-looking clothes, never worry about finding no more!

As the protagonists upgrade and become more powerful in the game, their equipment is also changing rapidly! Helmets, shields, and battle armors ... Each character has multiple suits to show, and the cool and handsome tyrants are truly amazing!

2. Outland wasteland, a lot of treasure chests

Oops, many bosses have lost a lot, let's roll!

Maze-like routes, complex and far-reaching, monsters, treasure chests, random events, labyrinth keys, and labyrinth exits ... outward exploration requires more than courage and strength. You also need to move decisively with wisdom and calm judgment to find the final The labyrinth key escaped from the exit and took away the treasure in the treasure chest.

3. Fishing and mining, life is great

After the BOSS, it will not work, and more money is willful!

"Fishing", "Mining", "Robbery" and other casual games are added to help you relax and adjust your state. Casual gameplay can not only make money easily, but also collect some rare items. Players can use these rare items to create more powerful equipment and prepare for the journey again.

4, 3D is coming, turn everything on

Unity 3D engine, 360 ° dynamic perspective, create the most powerful hero!

MT's persistent heroic charge, the bricks' cute sheep-changing technique, the ice prince's gorgeous ice breakthrough ...

Fight! Enjoy Oscar-like battles at your fingertips!

5, giant BOSS, fight happily

Don't think I'm afraid of you when I'm big, brother, go together!

My name is MT2BOSS. The battle show takes a full-view scene, a giant BOSS with a shape that is dozens of times larger than the player, and an extremely powerful light and shadow effect. The picture has broken the visual limit and shocked people. Overthrow BOSS and get rewards, full of achievements to get you to the pinnacle of life!

gaming strategy

1. [Physical Reserve] will automatically get 1 point of physical strength every five minutes, and can automatically recover 288 points 24 hours a day; the system will give 60 physical strength each day at noon, afternoon, and evening; you can also purchase physical strength daily. Players try not to let their physical strength reach the upper limit, and diligently exhaust their physical strength to get enough upgrade experience.

2. [Do as much as you can] A copy of the battle will be deducted for 1 point of physical failure. Failure of the challenge will not increase experience to obtain items. It is not recommended that you frequently challenge the copy that cannot be beaten. Strengthen the cultivation of your own heroes, mainly through hero level upgrades, hero skill upgrades, hero equipment upgrades and breakthroughs, and so on.

3. [Daily task] Daily task must be done, you can get a lot of experience and other rewards, it is recommended to complete the daily task first on the line. At the same time, the order of tasks should be arranged reasonably, and tasks with low physical exertion and experience should be done first. Avoid lack of energy or time.

4. [Runestone Reserve] New players can participate in the first charge to get a super high value first-rate gift package, and can also participate in monthly card purchases to meet the daily runestone needs.

5. [Progress reward] There is a progress bar below each group of copies (the outer domain is at the upper left), and the corresponding position is provided with a star treasure chest reward. The cumulative progress of the first customs clearance copy can be opened when the treasure chest position is reached. The reward has runes. , Gold coins, shards, materials, etc., don't leave out.

6. [Gold Coin Purchase] Click the "+" sign in the value column of the gold coin to open the "Cash Maker Game" and exchange a large amount of gold coins with runes, suitable for players who lack gold coins. At the same time, there are special tasks for this game in daily missions. Don't hesitate to change the experience once a day. You are worth having.

7. [Operational activities] Always pay attention to the game's official website, public account, Q tribe of gamers, in-game announcements, etc., to know the daily game dynamics, and actively participate in various activities to receive benefits.

8. [Daily check-in] Remember to check in every day and receive rich rewards. If you recharge VIP, please collect the sign-in reward after recharging, it has double effect.

9. [Public draw] The tavern has 1 free runestone purchase and 5 free gold coin purchases daily. The 10-strand draw of gold coins is not recommended. Gold coins are a scarce resource in the middle and late stages. The runestone 10 even draws its ability and needs luck.

10. [Check your email] Every day you go online and offline to develop a good habit of checking your email, maybe there are unexpected surprises waiting for you.

11. [Leisure play] Fishing and mining suggest to receive a reward before the daily game offline.

12. [Outland Expedition] Outland can get spar to exchange hero fragments, produce a lot of materials and open the game is also one of the daily tasks, you need to consume energy, remember to reserve.

13. [Player title] The title of the game can be changed in the player information. Everyone must remember to check in time and replace the title with a more powerful attribute bonus.

14. [Friend Interaction] Don't ignore the power of friends. Friends can give each other physical strength, the more friends the more physical strength. Invite friends and get massive rewards.

15. [Guild Life] After opening the Guild gameplay, players are advised to join as soon as possible. The Guild not only has exclusive guild skills, but also has exclusive guild shops that produce a large number of precious hero pieces. It can also help you make more game friends.

16. [Grocery Purchase] A lot of materials and fragments are sold in the grocery store, which can help you quickly improve your combat effectiveness. However, not all products need to be purchased, and they must be purchased rationally according to their own needs. The random item in the grocery store, "Black Markets and Traitors," sells more rare goods, and it is recommended that you can buy as much as you can.

17. [Athletics reward] The rise of the highest place in the history of the arena will bring a wealth of runestone rewards. Players should continue to improve their combat effectiveness, and at the same time choose high ranking opponents to challenge.

18. [Fighting skills] The Frozen Throne chooses to quit the battle before the battle fails, and can re-challenge.





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